Organizational Structure

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference has three primary operational divisions; organizational adminstration, program direction, and event production.

  • Organizational Adminstration is directed by the Executive Director.
  • Program Direction is established by Program Advisory Board.
  • Event Production is performed by staff, members, volunteers, and contractors.

Organizational Development 2014-2015

In 2014 the Sustainable Enterprise Confernece will expand beyond a one event per year program and begin transition to a membership organization with a persistant regional presence. For this transition we will add temporary advisors.

  • Sustainable North Bay Organizing Committee
  • Founding Advisory Board

 Program Advisory Board

The  Program Advisory Board audits progam content and informs the guiding principles.

The Program Advisory Board considers the three piliars of sustainability:

  • Social Equity
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Helth 

The Program Advisory Board represents diverse stakeholder demographics:

  • Education
  • Governance
  • Business
  • Nonprofit
  • Community
  • Underserved