Article IV - Officers and Committees


Sustainable North Bay is directed by the Sustainable North Bay Board where all key decisions are made.

A. Sustainable North Bay Board Selection Process

Sustainable North Bay Board shall be no less than 3 members.

New Sustainable North Bay Board members shall be confirmed by unanimous approval of the sitting Sustainable North Bay Board at any Sustainable North Bay Board meeting. Candidates shall submit applications to join the Sustainable North Bay Board as follows:

  • Use the online tool -
  • Mail a Letter of Introduction and Qualifications to Sustainable North Bay
  • Submit names to sitting Steering Committee Members

Proposed candidates shall be reviewed at the next business meeting.

Terms of office shall be assumed to be one year.

There are no term limits, but each Sustainable North Bay Board Member shall be reviewed by the sitting Sustainable North Bay Board members annually.

All Sustainable North Bay Board members pledge to contribute to the fundraising efforts by identifying and contacting potential sponsors.

B. The Executive Team will be coordinated and directed by the Executive Director under the authority of the Sustainable North Bay Board. 

The Sustainable North Bay Executive Team responsibilities consists of nine roles. These responsibilities may be performed by the Executive Team or sub-contracted at the will of the Sustainable North Bay Board:

  • Executive Director
  • Legacy Director
  • Program Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Finance Director
  • Fundraising Director
  • Footprint Director
  • Site and Logistics Director
  • Director at Large

# Executive Director: (1) to facilitate Sustainable North Bay Executive Team meetings; (2) to organize contributions to the agenda; (3) to announce the location for each Sustainable North Bay Executive Team meeting; (4) to ensure that agenda is distributed before the meeting; (5) in conjunction with the Sustainable North Bay Board, to carry out the purpose and functions of the organization; (6) insures all actions follow the Guiding Principals.

# Legacy Director: (1) to assist the Executive Director in promoting the purpose of the organization; (2) to assume responsibility for all meeting minutes; (3) distributes a summary and the meeting minutes to the Sustainable North Bay Board and all paid staff in a timely manner; (4) assists new members in learning about the organization.

# Program Director: (1) directs the Program Committee; (2) reports on the content and schedule of public events; (3) maintains a speaker list.

# Marketing Director: (1) to protect the brand of Sustainable North Bay and see that all outbound communication follow the Guiding Principals; (2) to keep a time line of key marketing events; (3) to direct the Marketing Committee.

# Finance Director: Assumes the fiduciary responsibilities for the association which include, but are not limited to, (1) to collect annual dues; (2) to pay expenses; (3) to work with executive director to facilitate financial responsibilities; (4) to submit a financial statement at Sustainable North Bay Board meetings and arrange for audit.

# Fundraising Director: (1) to track and report fundraising progress; (2) organize and distribute fundraising materials: (3) to direct the Fundraising Committee.

# Footprint Director: guides the organization to goal of carbon negative event by (1) reporting on the carbon footprint of the event; (2) suggesting solutions for reducing the carbon footprint; (3) presenting creative ways to offset environmental impact of the conference.

# Site and Logistics Director: (1) to direct the Production Team;

# Directors at Large: non voting members of the Executive Team (1) to serve on the Advisory Board and attend meetings; (2) assume responsibilities on Executive Team.

C. Production Team Committees - An Executive Team member will be appointed as liaison to each committee. The function of these Committees may be subcontracted to organizations that abide by the Guiding Principals. The committees and their duties are:

# Nomination & Membership - responsible for nominating new Executive Team members and advancing the membership of the organization. 

# Site and Logistics - responsible for the selection events and the logistics necessary to achieve the plans of the Executive Team. The committee shall make every effort to see that the site abides by the Guiding Principals. 

# Fundraising - responsible for the identifying and contacting potential sponsors, supporting the fundraising efforts of Sustainable North Bay Board members, tracking the results of fundraising and reporting back to the Executive Team

# Marketing - responsible for the website, listserv and other communications as appropriate

# Program - responsible for development of event programs, including research to locate and invite speakers that abide by the Guiding Principals and collecting speaker bios and workshop descriptions .