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Judith Ford

Connecting Campus and Community Partners to Build Regional Resilience
Research Fellow
Center for Environmental Inquiry, SSU

Dr. Judith Ford leads strategic development and cross-sector initiatives, which engage students and faculty in addressing sustainability and resilience projects on campus and with community partners. This work follows the successful resource assessment and stakeholder engagement she previously led, which resulted in Sonoma State signing onto the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment (PCLC). Judith convenes workshops and symposia, facilitates certificate program and curriculum development and responds to grant applications, while continuing her own research into the effects of organizational culture on strategic response to natural disaster and long term climatic change.

Judith has lectured and conducted post-doctoral research within the Departments of Business and Geography, Environment, and Planning, the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, Wine Business Institute, Center for Environmental Inquiry, Sustainable SSU and Operational Sustainability at Sonoma State on systemic, place-based strategies to build sustainable, resilient communities. With twenty years of broad, multinational academic, commercial and advocacy experience, she studied, teaches, writes and practices international strategy, environmental communication and stakeholder engagement. Following an International MBA and bachelor in Communication Studies and Psychology, her cross-disciplinary PhD dissertation used the nexus of culture, strategy, communication and psychology and the illustrative case study of climate change to explore how individuals discover and use their personal passions in response to the needs and opportunities of their physical and cultural environment. The symbiotic relationship between people and place creates authentic and diverse communities reflective of their unique assets, time and place. Innovation, purpose and community well-being become mutually constructive.

After thirteen years abroad Judith returned to her native California, where she relishes the natural beauty, community scale, and local food so revered in the North Bay. Her work with local youth and faith organizations entwines social justice and food literacy to address the growing homelessness and hunger found side by side the waste of abundance in her community.