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Land and Nature

Straus Family Creamery

Albert Straus started Straus Family Cramery in 1994 with a deep commitment to supporting a dairy farming system that is both environmentally friendly and economically viable. He envisioned a system that would help family farms thrive and support a revitalization of the surrounding rural communities. We believe sustainable organic farming practices are imperative to ensure the health of farming for generations to come and to sustain a thriving relationship among farms, food, people, and the earth.

SolSolutions LLC


Sonoma county based SolSolutions is your local solar + storage + application designer-integrator that works to provide electric and lighting in the micro-grid and off-grid world of uncertainties and down-sizing. 

~ Solar power & lightlng for events, disasters and emergencies

~ Solar + Storage consult & design for residential & commercial

    *Installation work performed by associated C-10  electrical contractors*

~ Off-Grid Solar system repair, troubleshoots & upgrades

Alison Malisa, MPH

While teaching high-school economics, Alison became driven by the need to combine coherent communication and design-thinking to tap into students’ natural compassion, curiosity, and creativity. In 2017, Alison founded Peace Profits to teach peace and design for the ReGeneration.  Peace Profits has developed into an education, research, and design organization with partners all over the world. We are focused on cultivating economic ecosystems for peace, prosperity, regeneration, and well-being for all.

John Stayton

Dr. John Stayton is a consultant, coach and educator focusing on innovation and sustainable business. In 2000, John cofounded the first graduate program in sustainable business in the world, the Green MBA. He also started a green business accelerator called Venture Greenhouse. He taught a Sustainable Business course at Thammasat University for six years. He recently retired as Executive Director of Graduate Business Programs at Sonoma State University, where he was responsible for MBA and wine business education programs.

Efren Carrillo

Efren Carrillo is currently an advocate for Burbank Housing, involved in community and government relations, as well as business development. Carrillo served two terms on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, having been first elected in 2008 at the age of 27. While on the board he was a key leader for the establishment of Sonoma Clean Power. He also worked at the USEPA, Sonoma County Economic Development Board, Sonoma County Business Environmental Alliance, for Assemblyman Joe Nation, and for Redwood Credit Union. He has a degree from UCB in environmental science and policy.

Lawrence Jaffe

Lawrence Jaffe is a member of the Sebastopol Grange and is the Current Chair of the Board of the North Bay Credit Union. He has earned a BA in Politics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and earned a Juris Doctorate from the New College School of Law and Social Change. Lawrence is a lover of music, gardening and community.

Planet Cents, Inc.

Planet Cents is an international for-profit, seed-stage startup, which unites individuals, for- and non-profit, private and public organizations, and governments in a mission to reverse our climate crisis.  It will do this in a number of ways, and make sustainability ubiquitous as a way of doing business worldwide.

Temra Costa

Temra is a sustainable food and farming advocate and the award-winning author of Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat. She is a marketing and communications specialist with a focus on sustainability in the natural foods sector (think Clif Bar, Numi Inc., and Amy's Kitchen). Prior to this work, she managed California's premiere Buy Fresh, Buy Local program, one of the original local food marketing campaigns part of making 'local' a household name.

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